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Residential Concrete Polishing Services

Have you noticed how many big-box stores have eliminated unfinished concrete “sidewalk” in favor of a polished appearance within their stores.

Brighter, durable, reflective, and beautifully polished concrete. Polished concrete is the fastest growing floor surface for good reason. Every other floor surface installed today rests on a concrete slab, and therefore represents additional material and labor cost to install.

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Today, concrete can be stained-or-colored and the finish can be varied from a matte to a satin to a high gloss mirror finish.

People are often amazed to learn that polished concrete entered the big-box stores as a means of reducing dusting caused by salts being pulled through the concrete and drawing on the surface to become dust. This problem was overcome by densifying, sealing and polishing the concrete.

Today, we recognize concrete as a versatile floor low maintenance cost floor finish. If offers the additional benefit of contributing to a healthier indoor air quality, but eliminating the chemical releases from carpet and underlayment.

As a result, a polished concrete floor has become the superfood of its space, offering a healthier, lower care cost, versatile finish and colored surface. All you need is the craftsman to assist you in delivering the desired outcome.

Here is another fun fact about polished concrete. In order to achieve a polished surface, we have to first densify the surface, a process that increases the impact and abrasion resistance by as much as 400%. This is accomplished by infusing a glass life densifying agent into the concrete pores. Once sealed in this fashion we have also dramatically enhanced its water and oil resistance. All good information, but our customers and clients choose polished concrete because they already have it in their buildings, the results are beautiful, and the maintenance costs are the lowest of all options.

Enhance the value of your building, while making it easier to maintain with MARBLELIFE®’s ENDURACRETE® Concrete polishing services. Let us give your concrete life. Marry your floor with a colorful stain, and you can enrich or change the look and feel of any space. Check out some of the images on our CONCRETE COLORING & STAINING pages.

Whether you are considering updating your garage, turning your basement into a man-cave, or are a contractor involved in buildings with polished concrete specified somewhere in the North America, MARBLELIFE can help you. With craftsman located within travel distance of more than 75% of the population in North America, our team is in place to help you.


  • We provide you with the most efficient and trained staff in all the new processes out there, by training our staff in our state-of-the-art R&D Facility in Sanford Florida so that we can bring expert restoration to your doorstep.
  • We can handle any situation that you need. Don't believe us? Just check out our trusted clients such as, Rockefeller Center, J. Paul Getty Museum, Ford World Headquarters, Grand Central Station, Marriott, and Ritz Carlton.
  • We do the tough work so you don't have to. Oftentimes we see that clients that believe their surface is dirty, when actually it is damaged. Our free assessments can save you hundreds of hours of scrubbing something that may never look clean without professional service.
  • We will restore your floors, vanities, showers, and even counters to pristine condition. With more than 1000 restorations a month, MARBLELIFE is the largest residential services provider in the world.
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